Silent Terrorism is the term I used in my book, The Unknown History of Islam, of how Muslim radicals are infiltrating the West, and based on mere biology and time, they will outnumber Jews, freethinkers, and Christians in Western countries. We see already the results of their silent takeover in our Western societies. They use unobtrusive tactics to carry out their scheme. They pretend to be nice to you; they creep into your family and even try to convert some of your family members, students, and coworkers. How do you detect them? If they show any aspect of Islamic Sharia law or they express intentions to apply it anywhere in the world, or if you see outward manifestation such as a beard or his wife or daughter has her hair covered, then they are on you. This does not mean that all Muslims are radicals. There are many Muslims who are peaceful. They may have political views such as their stance that is pro one political party or another, or their stance regarding one war or another. They are completely free to express their political views. However, Islamic Radicalism is only about spreading Islam and applying Sharia using terror and violence and this is the danger to Western civilization and to all of humanity. Radical Muslims stay undetected the longest time, and then at one point of time, they rise and wreak havoc. It is terror on demand. We see examples like these every day all over the world.