Sharia is Islamic law and as all other religions have their laws, Sharia stands out for several reasons. It is the central obsession of radical Muslims. In other words, every radical Muslim believes it is his or her religious duty to apply Sharia and spread it all over the world. There are two sources for Sharia: The Quran and Sunnah; Sunnah is basically Prophet Muhammad’s Sayings and Actions. Sharia, according to radical Muslims, has applications in almost all aspects of life such as marriage, war, justice and criminal law, economics, theology and rituals, and generally, all sides of behavior and activities of an individual or a society. The problem with Sharia is that a large portion of its laws are either not practical or draconian. For example, Sharia allows men to marry a child since the prophet Muhammad actually married a child. A husband is given the right to beat up his wife. Criminal laws allow corporal punishment and torture. Moreover. Sharia did not outline any democratic principles. There is no freedom of religion or freedom of expression under Sharia law. There is no freedom of thought or conscience. Any questioning of Allah or the Quran, for example, is considered blasphemous and punishable by death. Yet, the worst part of Sharia is that it is Allah’s final word and the prophet’s binding tradition and no one should object to them or request any kind of review or amendments even though they are many centuries old. Ironically, Sharia never worked successfully in any Muslim society in the last fifteen centuries of trial and failure. Islamic societies that enjoyed great times of scientific and literary accomplishments were during those spells in Islamic history when radicals were the least influential and rationalism was at its peak. Strangely, some radical Muslims want Sharia to be applied in Western societies today.