Radical extremists who tarnish the religion of Islam are a threat to both non-Muslims and moderate Muslims as well. This site exposes the goals and plans of terrorist radical groups such as Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Taliban, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, ISIL (ISIS), the Muslim Brotherhood and their radical followers who want to take over the world, to spread Islamic Sharia law, and to destroy human civilization using violence and terror. This site shows how moderate Muslims become victims to those Muslim extremists and terrorists. This site tries also to exonerate moderate Muslims from any crimes committed by radicals and extremists, but this site also tries to enlighten the minds of all Muslims by bringing to their attention to the contradictions in the Quran and the intrinsic violence and brutality of its doctrine and theology.

Radical Muslims, actually a hefty percentage, pose a great danger to the whole world for their violence, rigidity, intolerance, conspiracy, and militancy.

Moderate Muslims do not harbor any hatred to people of other religions and denominations unlike radicals who have plans to destroy the world if they do not get what they want in the name of their hateful Jihadist pursuits.

There is a definitive cutoff line that separates Radical Muslims from all others: A Muslim is radical and a terrorist if he or she tries to impose Islamic Sharia Law at any time, on any one, any where, or if he or she exhibits any of those Sharia emblems such as head cover or beard. Radical Muslims want to make Islam the only religion in the world by any means.

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